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The following articles were originally published in the CSEP member newsletter, Communiqué.

Is Performing Eccentric Exercise Optimal for Strength and Function in Older Adults?

Utilizing heavy loads is important when designing resistance training programs for older adults. Although eccentric (i.e. lengthening under tension) contractions were not necessary to build strength in older adults, they were more effective than traditional resistance training

Elite Paracyclists show resilience regarding diet, training, and fitness during COVID-19

Over the short term (3 months), the COVID-19 pandemic had no impact on training or dietary intake in elite paracyclists, demonstrating the resilience of this group

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy: Breaking down barriers to prenatal exercise

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy (GAQ-P) and associated Health Care Provider Consultation Form for Physical Activity during Pregnancy have been designed to identify individuals who may not benefit from prenatal exercise, while reducing barriers to physical activity for the majority of pregnant individuals

Snacking on sprints to boost fitness and improve exercise performance

Isolated bouts of brief intense exercise over the course of the day – known as “sprint exercise snacks” – can improve cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in sedentary young adults

Cold temperatures can reduce muscle strength and speed but increase muscle activity

During everyday life, humans experience fluctuations in temperature which can influence muscle performance. For example, cooling the muscle has been shown to slow muscle contractile speed and decrease strength

Wearing a face mask does not limit exercise performance

Public health officials have suggested the use of masks to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our results suggest wearing a mask during exercise will have no impact on performance

Elevated plasma lactate levels via exogenous lactate infusion do not alter resistance exercise-induced signaling or protein synthesis in human skeletal muscle

This study explored whether experimentally increasing blood lactate increased muscle protein synthesis, an important process that contributes to an increase in muscle mass.

Drinking a novel ketone supplement may not affect muscle metabolism or performance during cycling

Ingesting the ketone monoester supplement before exercise increased blood ketone levels in 30 minutes

High-intensity interval training improves memory in older adults

High-intensity interval training may be an effective strategy to counteract age-related declines in memory.

Why can’t I exercise during pregnancy?

Time to revisit medical ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ contraindications.

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