APNM Presidents' Lecture

Last updated March 2020

The APNM Presidents' Lecture is a keynote event at the annual CSEP conference, sponsored by the CSEP journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. The lecture was first given at CSEP 2012 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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2019 Lecturer

Darren DeLorey, Ph.D., University of Alberta

"Join the resistance: Sympathetic vasoconstriction in skeletal muscle"

In Honour of Don Paterson

2018 Lecturers

Duane Button, Ph.D., Memorial University

Jayne Kalmar, Ph.D.,Wilfred Laurier University

"Motor Neurons, Muscle, and Mechanisms: A PHILharmonious Approach to Studying Neuromuscular Plasticity"

In Honour of Phillip Gardiner, PhD, University of Manitoba

2017 Lecturer

Kevin Shoemaker, PhD, Western University

"Richard Hughson: Mr. Spats meets Major Tom"

In Honour of Richard Hughson, PhD, FCAHS, University of Waterloo

2016 Lecturer

Kristin Campbell, PhD, University of British Columbia 

"Exercise and Breast Cancer: The Canadian Paddle-Stroke Heard Around the World" 

In Honour of Donald C. McKenzie, MD, PhD, University of British Columbia

2015 Lecturer 

Mike Riddell, PhD, York University

"Clinical challenges of exercise management in pediatric type 1 diabetes: The Bar-Or Exercise Exchange concept and some lesser effective solutions"

In Honour of Oded Bar-or, PhD, McMaster University

2014 Lecturer

Guang Sun, PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland

"The genetic, nutritional and endocrine factors of human obesity: findings from NL studies"

In Honour of Claude Bouchard, PhD, Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, Baton Rouge, LA

Previously named APNM President's Tutorial Lecture

2013 Lecturer

Tara Haas, PhD, York University

"Go with the Flow- controlling capillary growth in skeletal muscle"

In Honour of Michael Plyley, PhD, Brock University

2012 Lecturer

Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), McMaster University

"Local and systemic benefits of exercise in human and murine aging"

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