CSEP Certified Member Presentation Award

The CSEP Professional Standards Program (PSP) will recognize the outstanding research and/or work conducted by its certified members: CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEP). The research and/or work will contribute directly to the HFP program activities. The HFP Certified Member Award competition takes place annually in conjunction with the CSEP Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Kristine Godziuk, CSEP-CEP, University of Alberta


Sarah Weller, CSEP-CEP, University of British Columbia


Kristine Godziuk, CSEP-CEP, University of Alberta


Brandon Collins, CSEP-CEP, Memorial University
2016 Denise Wooding, CSEP-CPT, University of Toronto
2015 Kevin Boldt, CSEP-CEP, University of Calgary
2014 Allana LeBlanc, CSEP-CEP, University of Ottawa
2013 Joel Krentz, University of Saskatchewan
2012 Elias Tomaras, University of Calgary
2011 Rob Gumeniak, York University
  • CSEP-CPT: Vivian Poon, York University
  • CSEP-CEP: Jessica Scott, University of British Columbia