Undergraduate Student Award

Each Spring, CSEP invites each Canadian university with an Undergraduate program in physical education, human kinetics, or related disciplines to present the CSEP/SCPE Undergraduate Student Award to the student graduating in that academic year with the highest standing in the scientific portion of the curriculum. The awards are presented by the university.

Please note that this list is incomplete; we are adding information as we find it in our archives. If you know of a previous undergraduate award recipient who is not listed here, please contact info@csep.ca

2018 Recipients


Recipient University
Drew Lawson
Acadia University
Cecilia Fung
University of British Columbia
Amanda Seemann
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Emily Koch
Brock University
Justin Alcorn
University of Calgary
Anthony Sousa
Camosun College
Michael Wright
Concordia University
Kristin Allen
Dalhousie University
Nicole Fletcher
University of Guelph
Jesse Ferris
University of Guelph-Humber
Felicia Lotsios
Lakehead University
Madeline Stever
Laurentian University
Charles-Atntoine Déry
Université Laval
Cody DeBlois
University of Manitoba
Thomas Tripp
McMaster University
Logan Slade
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Carlos Felipe Romero Buitrago
Université de Montreal
Anna Petrie
University of New Brunswick
Rebecca Gray
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Sihame Doukkali
University of Ottawa
Craig Campbell
University of Prince Edward Island
Taylor Stimpson
Queen's University
Amy Bobyn
St. Francis Xavier University
Jasmine Paquin
Université de Sherbrooke
Tate Newmarch
University of Toronto
Giordano Corlazzoli
University of Victoria
Eric Hedge
Western University
Abigail Broad
Wilfrid Laurier University

2017 Recipients


Recipient University
Abbie McNeil
Acadia University
Michael Wu
University of British Columbia
Jayne Nettleton
University of British Columbia Okanagan
Desmond (Dez) Steward
Brock University
Mackenzie A. Gault
University of Calgary
Betsy Chan
Camosun College
Jodi Brake
Dalhousie University
Abbigale Spencer
University of Guelph
Joey Vitlella
University of Guelph-Humber
Kyle Migliazza
Lakehead University
Shannon D'Angelo
Laurentian University
Christel Pichard-Jolicoeur
Université Laval
Matthew Short
University of Manitoba
Alexander Mannarino
McMaster University
Rebecca Greene
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Elodie Vachon
Université de Montreal
Ilya Abelev
University of New Brunswick
Eric Viana
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Weam Siefffien
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Aleck Damphousse
University of Ottawa
Ryan Murray
University of Prince Edward Island
Matthew Hewak
Queen's University
Sarah Grey
University of Regina
Eibhlin Storey
St. Francis Xavier University
Bashir Daud Shah
University of Saskatchewan
Jérémie Charest
Université de Sherbrooke
Madeline Joanna Maio
University of Toronto
Devon Rose Chan
University of Victoria
Andrew Lombardi
Western University
Sara Moniz
Wilfrid Laurier University
Stefanie Sheard
University of Winnipeg

2016 Recipients


Recipient University
Sharon Li Acadia University
Taylor North University of British Columbia
Lisa Underwood University of British Columbia Okanangan
Christina Morinello Brock University
James E. Gilbertson University of Calgary
Joyanne Egilson Camosun College
Erica Porter Concordia University
Sophie Carr Dalhousie University
Renee Lurie University of Guelph
Brittany Pereira University of Guelph-Humber
Brittany Pennock Lakehead University
Lyndsay Greasley Laurentian University
Mathieu Lanoue  Université Laval 
Jarrett Buscholl University of Manitoba
Madeline MacDonald McMaster University
Anna Nippard Memorial University of Newfoundland
Katerine Cloutier Université de Montreal 
Anna Caulfield University of New Brunswick
Baies Haqani University of Ottawa
Brittany McEachern Queen's University
Sara Illerbrun University of Regina
Abdurraham Elnajmi  University of Saskatchewan 
Abigail Hall St. Francis Xavier University
Kevin Michaud Université de Sherbrooke
Xin Ye Chen University of Toronto
Brianna Crighton University of Victoria
Mark Abbott Western University
Ryan Wark Wilfrid Laurier University
Renee Plante University of Winnipeg
Selvi Aybulut York University

2015 Recipients


Recipient University
Travis Gibbons Acadia University
Ryan Koo University of British Columbia
Jenessa Maddalena University of British Columbia Okanagan
Kristin Exner University of Calgary
Caitlin Marshal Camosun College
Alison Haynes Camosun College
Mahanaz Saadarmand Concordia University
Henry Tian Dalhousie University 
Andrew Nevill University of Guelph
Crystal D Pole-Langdon University of Guelph-Humber
Jacqueline Harvey  Lakehead University 
Alexandra Eaton  Laurentian University 
Béatrice Bilodeau  Université Laval 
Nicole Kerbat University of Manitoba
Aaron Kippi  McMaster University
Kirsten Sorensen   Memorial University of Newfoundland
Tiffany McKinley University of New Brunswick
Steven Genis University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Victoria Smith  University of Ottawa
Jonathan Whittall Queen's University
Katelyn Kaufman University of Regina
Whitney Sparrow University of Saskatchewan
Stéphanie St-Onge Perron  Université de Sherbrooke 
 Celeste Marie Lumia University of Toronto 
Kristy Kiyomi Inouye  University of Victoria 
Gabriella Aber   Western University
Aiden Dawtrey Wilfrid Laurier University
Mavis Meisner University of Winnipeg
Ali Helmi   York University

2014 Recipients


Recipient University
Marisa Vigna University of Calgary
Safa Asif Concordia University
Lam Niguyen Dalhousie University
Amie Matthews Lakehead University 
Cassandra Duchesne  Laurentian University 
Christy Stephenson  University of New Brunswick
Isabelle Scantland Lebel  University of Ottawa 
Jessica Naylen  University of Regina 
Erin Barbour-Tuck University of Saskatchewan;
Adam Cornwall Wilfrid Laurier University
Mavis Meisner University of Winnipeg
Amanda McFadden & Nicholas Guilen University of Guelph
Cody Durrer University of British Columbia
Paul Zavagilia  University of Guelph 
Erin Streatch Acadia University
Rachel Courtice University of British Columbia
Sara Kristina Hull Brock University
Alexandre Lippens Université Laval
Jodie Woodward
Zachary Adams  McMaster University 
Hilary Walsh Memorial University of Newfoundland
Tri-Van Ly  Université de Montreal
Shannon Crezel St. Francis Zavier University
Audrey Michaud Université de Sherbrooke
Bernard Townsend University of Toronto
Bryce Alexander Fraser University of Victoria
Geoffrey Hartin Western University
Adam Seth Fogel York University
Mattan Lustgarten & Erica Pascoal Queen's University
Matt Fitzsimmons Camosun College

2013 Recipients


Recipient University
Bridget Pyke University of Calgary
Sebastian Girrard Concordia University 
Chauntelle Melong Dalhousie University
Stacy Tkachyk Lakehead University
Rebecca Moynes Laurentian University 
Keillor Steeves University of New Brunswick
Ryan McGinn  University of Ottawa
Stephanie Kaczmer University of Regina
Kirsten Jewitt University of Saskatchewan
Brianna Cowling Wilfrid Laurier University
James Abbey University of Winnipeg
Robyn Mildren University of Guelph
Scott Lyall University of Guelph-Humber
Thomas Filgiano Acadia University
Anne King University of British Columbia
Alec St. Pierre Brock University
Geneviève Allaire Université Laval 
Meaghan Rempel University of Manitoba 
Laren Skelly McMaster University
Katherine Hogan  Memorial University of Newfoundland 
Martine Hénault  Université de Montreal 
Ryan Colby Normore  St. Francis Xavier University 
Seira Fortin   Université de Sherbrooke 
Alexandra Marier Ruhr  University of Toronto 
Drew Thomas Commandeur  University of Victoria 
Jessica Bryce  Western University 
Elizabeth Fung   York University
Jeremy Antonyshyn  Queen's University 
Eryn Freeman   Camosun College

2012 Recipients


Recipient University
Silvana Echeverri  University of Calgary 
Petro Vouyoukas  Concordia University
Daryl Brian Dilman  Dalhousie University 
Sarah Harvey  Lakehead University 
Kaitlin Vanderbeck  Laurentian University 
Dominique Miles  University of New Brunswick
Matthieu Paavo Vireula  University of Ottawa 
April Ellis  University of Regina 
Kellie Boychuck  University of Saskatchewan 
Leanna Rodrigues  Wilfrid Laurier University 
Carleen Kruschel  University of Winnipeg 
Matthew Stephenson  University of Guelph 
Matt Baumeister  University of British Columbia 
Benjamin Mori University of Guelph Humber 
Mabel Plourde-Doran  Nipissing University 
Chelsea Poole  Acadia University 
Mandi Lamanes  University of British Columbia 
Martin Zaback  Brock University 
Will T. Peppler  University of Manitoba 
Scott Shallow  McMaster University  
Katherine Hogan  Memorial University of Newfoundland 
Nicia Langlois-Pelletier  Université de Montreal 
Emily Kehoe  St. Francis Xavier University
Anne Ouellet-Demer  Université de Sherbrooke
Stanley Hugh Hung University of Toronto
Lauren Bianca Talley  University of Victoria 
Ethan Cassidy  Western University 
Adam Fogel  York University 
Ainsley Kempenaar  Queen's University 
 Peter Kelly  Camosun College 

2011 Recipients


Recipient University
Jessy Laroche Concordia University
Emelie Enderfors Dalhousie University
Michael Thibert  Lakehead University
Amanda Rancourt Laurentian University
Anthony Hickey University of New Brunswick
Samantha Rose Cameron University of Ottawa
Chelsey Barnett University of Regina
Samantha Wolfe University of Saskatchewan
Jenna Franklin Wilfrid Laurier University
Sean Esselmont University of Winnipeg
Carla D'Angelo/td> University of Guelph
Shaun Crowell University of British Columbia
Roger Montgomery & Cassandra Emmett University of Guelph-Humber
Matthew Adamson Nipissing University
Ashley Fry  Acadia University
Philip Motyka University of British Columbia
Lauren Hamilton Brock University
David Kent University of Manitoba;
Jayne Shadlyn McMaster University
Samantha Drake Memorial University of Newfoundland
Marianna Lacharite - Lemieux Université de Montreal
Brendon Samson St. Francis Xavier University
Sonam Shah University of Toronto
Boriana Ivanova Stefanov  University of Victoria
Brenden Bechamp Western University
Andrei-Alexandru Szigiato York University
Heather Keep  Queen's University
Mike Davies Camosun College

2010 Recipients


Recipient University
Amber Clarke University of Calgary
Nour Boutros Concordia University
Tara Dahn Dalhousie University
Ashley Hope Lakehead University
Amy Dermerchant/td> Laurentian University
Meghan Fox University of New Brunswick
Matthew Piamonte University of Ottawa
Dylan Kobsar University of Regina
Ian Anderson & Shawn Friess University of Saskatchewan
Tracey Ormiston Wilfrid Laurier University
Matthew Christian University of Winnipeg
Miriam McLean  University of Guelph
Shaugnessy Fulawka University of Alberta
Mathieu Gauthier Université du Québec à Trois Rivières
Courtney Thompson Acadia University
Kristyn Harrington University of British Columbia
Bailey Gresham  Brock University
Tim Dueck  University of Manitoba
Leeann Bellamy McMaster University
Alexandria Bugell  Memorial University of Newfoundland
Evelyne Chicoine Université de Montreal
Brett Barro St. Francis Xavier University
Claudia Letendre Université de Sherbrooke
Aisling Michelle Fitzpatrick/td> University of Toronto
Mika Lea Arnston Hemphill University of Victoria
Torri Luchyshyn Western University
Lori Elise Graham York University 
Gabrielle Ouimet  Queen's University
Kathryn Nadorozny Camosun College

2009 Recipients


Recipient University
Leila Barss  University of Calgary
John Mark Fortier Concordia University
Tara Correia Dalhousie University
Caitlin McCallum Lakehead University
Karen Griffioen Laurentian University
Tyler McDonnel University of New Brunswick
Aaron Lynn University of Ottawa
Leah MacNaughton University of Regina
Nicole Braun; University of Saskatchewan;
Audra Martin Wilfrid Laurier University
Judit Takacs University of Winnipeg
Karen Pulsifer University of Guelph
Carli Milner & Ellen Whiteside University of Alberta
Maude Lefebvre-Desjardins Université du Québec à Montréal
Kelli O'Reilly Acadia University
Tammy Law University of British Columbia
Jennifer McCord Brock University
Brian Buffie University of Manitoba
Gregory Kujbida McMaster University
Alan Hamilton Memorial University of Newfoundland
Maude Lefebvre-Desjardins Université de Montreal
Jacquelyn Bobbie Richardson
St. Francis Xavier University
Cinthia Maheau Université de Sherbrooke
Marko Balan University of Toronto
Kathleen Eddy University of Victoria
Heather Patricia Lamb & Allison Lainey Western University
Carolyn Perry York University
Elizabeth MacDonald Queen's University

2008 Recipients


Recipient University
Erin Elizabeth Carter University of Calgary
Elaine Davies Concordia University
Justin Andrew White Dalhousie University
Tyler Hyvarinen Lakehead University
Sarah Argent  Laurentian University
Bethany Durling  University of New Brunswick
Phillippe Toupin University of Ottawa
Taryn Munroe  University of Regina
Sarah Marshall University of Saskatchewan
Amber Moore Wilfrid Laurier University
Heidi Robinson University of Winnipeg
Matthew Bylow University of Guelph
Stacey Badrey University of Alberta 
Katherine Foulds Acadia University
Ryu Ishimoto; University of British Columbia
Michael Neufeld Brock University
Nicolas Harton & Émilie Turbide L'Étoile  Université Laval
Jill Hnatiuk University of Manitoba
Joyce Obeid McMaster University
Kimberly E. Parsons Memorial University of Newfoundland
Isabel Filgueira Université de Montreal
Stephanie Mills St. Francis Xavier University
Sarah Jacque Université de Sherbrooke
Andrea Shin University of Toronto
Mary Christine Glen University of Victoria
Anjuli Little Western University
Hyo Jin Jeon  York University 
Linden Head Queen's University

2007 Recipients


Recipient University
Kesa Melania Dawn Murphy University of Calgary
Paul Baksarowicz Concordia University
Heather Neyedli Dalhousie University
Bryce Rudland Lakehead University
Aaron Kociolek Laurentian University
T. Colby Fulton University of New Brunswick
Stefanie Gagnon University of Ottawa
Laura Stark University of Regina
Kristopher Beyer University of Saskatchewan
Kristen Baxter Wilfird Laurier University
Thea Cooney University of Winnipeg
Kathryn Buddo University of Guelph
Laura Dzikowski University of Alberta
Matthew Bylow Carleton University
Emily Chiasson Acadia University
Ryan Justin Yuen & Serena Shum University of British Columbia
William Gott Brock University
Melanie Tremblay Université Laval
Lindsay Burns University of Manitoba
Paul Lysecki McMaster University
Katherine Quackenbush Memorial University of Newfoundland
Jacinthe Choquette Université de Montreal
P.J. Rasmussen St. Francis Xavier University
Liane Heale University of Toronto
Stephanie Laurel Mahannah University of Victoria
Erin Weersink  Western University
Ajda El. Zabet York University
Laurin Archer Queen's University

2006 Recipients


Recipient University
Lauren Elizabeth Koch  University of Calgary 
Ashley Naimi  Concordia University 
Adrienne Ngan  Dalhousie University 
Mark Bigder Lakehead University 
Melanie Bussoli  Laurentian University 
Danielle Salmon  University of New Brunswick 
Catherine E. Darling  University of Ottawa 
Laura Dixon  University of Regina 
Kendra Jones  University of Saskatchewan 
Megan Yaraksavitch  Wilfrid Laurier University 
Tara Volkart  University of Winnipeg 
Kristin Hillyer  University of Guelph 
Ashley Whidden  University of Alberta 
Michael Fenety  Université de Moncton 
Krista Nicholls  Acadia University
Cameron Griffiths  University of British Columbia
Matthew Mulligan  Brock University 
Paul Deniset  University of Manitoba 
Sophie Tanguay  McMaster University 
Allison Tucker  Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Maxime Trempe  Université de Montreal 
Terese Chisholm  St. Francis Xavier University 
Gian-Marco Christian Busato  University of Toronto 
Julia Aryn Webb  University of Victoria
Sarah Trotter  Western University
Joanna Troscianczuk  York University 
Meredith Stockie  Queen's University 

2005 Recipients


Recipient University
 Heather Erin Wray University of Calgary 
Jamie Rozen  Concordia University 
Matthew Kenny Knox Dalhousie University
Eric Olympico  Lakehead University
Tara O'Brien  Laurentian University 
Fairly Fraser  University of New Brunswick 
Miriam Wiens  University of Ottawa 
Deanna Clarke  University of Regina 
Scott Forbes  University of Saskatchewan 
Adam Mighton  Wilfrid Laurier University 
Ashleigh Sprange  University of Winnipeg 
Shaun Batte  University of Guelph 
Stacey Harper & Brooke Jensen  University of Alberta 
Gabriel Arsenault Université de Moncton 
Kevin Patrick Foley  University of Waterloo 
Brynne Elliott University of the Fraser Valley
Alicia MacNeil  Acadia University 
Kari Negraiff  University of British Columbia
Katheryn Anne Reid Brock University
Claire M. Button University of Manitoba
Renu Gautam McMaster University
Katherine Hutchings Memorial university of Newfoundland 
Julie Robillard  Université de Montreal 
Katherine Teresa Fleming  St. Francis Xavier University
Virgil Paul Umali University of Toronto
Andrew Ross Grant  University of Victoria 
Michael Berger  Western University 
Edward Hyun Yoon  York University 
Rachel Williamson & Lindsey Craw  Queen's University 

2004 Recipients


Recipient University
Caeley Rae Lorincz University of Calgary
Kathleen Green Concordia University 
Sherma Dewey  Dalhousie University 
Darice Gibson Laurentian University 
Candace O'Quinn  University of New Brunswick 
Robert Rideout  University of Ottawa 
Noelle MacDougall  University of Regina 
Jessica Peterson  University of Saskatchewan 
Miranda Deller  Wilfird Laurier University 
Renée Delorme  University of Winnipeg 
Alexis Klaas  University of Guelph 
Natasha Jules Université de Moncton 
Jessica Roeder University of Windsor
Rebecca Ford  University of Waterloo
Rebecca DesRoches  Acadia University 
Jennifer Lyn Clandinan Wilson  Brock University 
Louise Chercuitte  Université Laval 
Shawn Lorne Williams  University of Manitoba 
Jason Tang  McMaster University 
Christine L'Abbé  Université de Montreal
Michael Aucoin  St. Francis Xavier University 
Andrew Jong Shin  University of Toronto 
Jackie Audrey Conliffe  University of Victoria
Eric A. Monteiro  Western University 
Reena Kumar  York University 
Kristin Giller Queen's University

2003 Recipients


Recipient University
Jennifer McMahon Concordia University
Lisa Publicover Dalhousie University
Martin Smets Laurentian University
Megan Richard University of New Brunswick
Christopher Ryan Martin University of Ottawa
Candice Lee University of Regina
Brianne Schwark University of Saskatchewan
Kara Kaufman Wilfrid Laurier University
Nicole Hughes University of Guelph
Melissa Nadeau Université de Moncton
Scott Nieson  University of Windsor 
Darran Fischer  University of Waterloo
Tyler Green  Acadia University
Jeffrey Robert Aird Brock University
Bruno Dagenais Université Laval
Loreen M. Pesto University of Manitoba
Caroline Correia McMaster University
Sandi Ennis Memorial University of Newfoundland
Patrice Brassard Université de Montreal
Stephanie Allison LeBlanc St. Francis Zavier University
Elizabeth K. C. Crawford University of Toronto
Jodie Ann Clark University of Victoria
Jennifer Leppard Western University
Theresa Holler York University
Julie Kelly Queen's University

2002 Recipients


Recipient University
Leah Judith R. Bowen University of Calgary/td>
Melissa De Souza Concordia University
Salem Amirali Kari Dalhousie University
Jennifer Schiiler Lakehead University
Timothy Rush Laurentian University
Elizabeth Johnston University of New Brunswick
Jane Murrin University of Ottawa
Rebecca Turgeon University of Regine
Jennifer Stephen University of Saskatchewan
Karina Dahle Wilfrid Laurier University
Leeona Bond University of Winnipeg
Faith Henderson University of Guelph
Don Madra University of Alberta
Samantha McGlone McGill University
Natalie Chimène Maltais Université de Moncton
Mary Anne Lopez University of Windsor
Lisa B. Coles University of Waterloo
Jennifer McBeathen Acadia University
Peter Loland University of British Columbia
Jean-François Marcotte Université Laval
Paul Ayotte University of Manitoba
Eric Carrié Université de Montreal
Nicole Dunlop St. Francis Xavier University
Audrey Pinsonneault-Grenier Université de Sherbrooke
Melissa Ann Fyhn  University of Victoria 
Nicole Paterson Western University
Valerie McLeod  Queen's University 

2001 Recipients


Recipient University
Karl Michael Hartwick University of Calgary  
Catherine L. Delbridge Dalhousie University  
Deborah J. Heerema Lakehead University 
Liisa Salo Laurentian University 
Miranda Hathaway University of New Brunswick 
Tania Dumont  University of Ottawa 
Jo-Ann Rennebohm  University of Regina
Krista Armstrong  University of Saskatchewan 
Rosalie Ritacco  Wilfird Laurier University
James Dear  University of Winnipeg
Lesley Jackson  University of Guelph 
Sandor Jakab  University of Alberta 
Kirstin Bennett  McGill University 
Steve Pelletier Université de Moncton
Jennifer M. Litt; University of Waterloo
Satoru Uemae Acadia University
Kalina Popova University of British Columbia
Caroline Breault  Université Laval 
Nicole LaRivière University of Manitoba
Scott Hughes McMaster University
Randell Turpin Memorial University of Newfoundland
Geneviève Martin Université de Sherbrooke
Janet Lynn Ungrin University of Toronto
Claire Hinnell  University of Victoria
Jared McMillan Western University
Carolyn Casey Queen's University

2000 Recipients


Recipient University
Spencer Roy McLean University of Calgary
Kristine Csukly Concordia University 
Andrew David Horne Dalhousie University
Carey Lafrenière LakeHead University
David Clarke Laurentian University
Amy Bovaird & Eric Robert University of New Brunswick
Aaron Nauth University of Ottawa
Jody Babiak University of Regina
Meghan McDonough University of Saskatchewan
Sherry E. Rock Wilfrid Laurier University
Kelly Johnson  University of Winnipeg
Karen Beattie University of Guelph
Thorhildur Thorarinsdottir McGill University
Kelly Harris University of Windsor
Brent P. Winnett University of Waterloo
Sébastien Clavel  Université Laval
Jason Kowalchuk  University of Manitoba
Gail Kuo  McMaster University
Jason Abbott & Derek Strang Memorial University of Newfoundland
Catherine Faille Université de Montreal
Frédéric Hivon Université de Sherbrooke
Daniel Kam Lee University of Toronto
Lisa Kathleen Steinke University of Victoria
Gerald Keith Wolff Western University
Sean Patrick Caine York University
Martina Trinkaus Queen's University

1999 Recipients


Recipient University
Sean Theron Tyson Craig University of Calgary 
Cherry Mammen Dalhousie University
Scott Kingston LakeHead University
Erin Kennedy Laurentian University
Gena Natasha Bugden University of New Brunswick 
Yue Yue Cheng University of Ottawa 
Jeff Lockert University of Saskatchewan 
Todd Reynolds Wilfrid Laurier University 
Pamela Ainley  University of Winnipeg 
Rick Lau  University of Guelph 
Kelly Nicol   University of Alberta 
Danielle Russill McGill University
Paul Webb University of Windsor 
Graham Slater University of Waterloo
Matthew A. Coley  University of British Columbia 
Isabelle Lambert  Université Laval
Corey Rideout  Memorial University of Newfoundland
Antoine Legault Université de Montreal 
Caroline Beaudry  Université de Sherbrooke 
Enid Headley  University of Toronto 
Tracy Lynn Morgan University of Victoria 
Robert John Dean Western University 
Robert James Simpson  York University 
Amy MacDougall  Queen's University 

1998 Recipients


Recipient University
Leanne Van Amstel Dalhousie University
Jacie Shaw LakeHead University
Karolyn Boyd Laurentian University
André Gilles Charlebois University of New Brunswick
Caroline Proulx University of Ottawa
Lisa Swallow University of Regina 
Janis Scott University of Saskatchewan
Alison Frey Wilfrid Laurier University
Jeffrey Brent Nessler University of Alberta
Trudi Strasberg McGill University 
Philippe Michaud Universite De Moncton;
Jeffrey K. Fox University of Windsor
Allison D. James University of Waterloo
Jeffrey Beselt University of British Columbia
Jonathan Chevrier Université Laval
Ian Trenholm University of Manitober
Christopher Lindley McMaster University
Michael Butler Memorial University of Newfoundland
Etienne Dumais-Roy University de Montreal
Marko Zecevic St. Francis Xavier University
Marie-Josée Talbot Universite de Sherbrooke
Katerina Nicitopoulos, Jaimie Volikis University of Toronto 
Tracey McQuair University of Victoria
Danielle Froese Western University
Philip Perna York University
Angela Marrocco   Queens University 

1997 Recipients


Recipient University
Diegal Leger Concordia University 
Rose Lynette MacKay Dalhousie University
Timothy Blundon  Concordia University
Caroline Marceau Laurentian University
Erin Kathleen Brien University of New Brunswick
Leslie Nagel University of Regina
Scott Maw Wilfrid Laurier University
Catherine Lesage McGill University
Tara Wood University of Windsor
Norma C.Carter University of Waterloo
Marie-Hélène St-Hilaire Université Laval
Robert Pineau  McMaster University
Cyril Wayne Walsh Memorial University of Newfoundland
Lee McKay University of Toronto
Kristin Lane University of Victoria
Zain Paroo Western University
Melissa Dennis York University
Justine Amaro Queens University

1996 Recipients


Recipient University
Roland Reenders University of Winnipeg
Claudine Lavoie Université Laval
Gail Spurrell Memorial University of Newfoundland
Urszula Skonieczny University of Toronto 
D. Sean Campbell  University of Victoria 
Lisa Brereton  Queens University

1995 Recipients


Recipient University
Kelly Livesley University of Winnipeg 
Neil Mackenzie Memorial University of Newfoundland
Evy Holowachuk University of Toronto

1994 Recipients


Recipient University
Zdan Shulakewych University of Winnipeg
Duane Smith Memorial University of Newfoundland
Arthur John Andersen University of Toronto

1993 Recipients


Recipient University
Jennifer Sparkes University of Alberta
Sandi Bruff Memorial University of Newfoundland
John Derek Pearson University of Toronto 

1992 Recipients


Recipient University
Laura Menheer University of Winnipeg
Douglas Wall Memorial University of Newfoundland

1991 Recipients


Queens University 
Recipient University
Val Krentz University of Winnipeg
Joanne Peckford Memorial University of Newfoundland
Heather Anne MacKenzie University of Toronto 
Jane McDowell

1990 Recipients


Recipient University
Chad Goodall University of Winnipeg
Sandra Wight Memorial University of Newfoundland

1989 Recipients


Recipient University
David Feeder Memorial University of Newfoundland
Vivian Kidnew Queens University

1988 Recipients


Recipient University
Stephen Whiffen Memorial University of Newfoundland
Marjorie Jane Anderson University of Toronto

1987 Recipients


Recipient University
David Robinson  University of Winnipeg 
Susan Taylor Memorial University of Newfoundland 
Bradley Hogg Queens University