Copyright - Permissions

To request permission to reproduce any CSEP-copyrighted work, please send a letter of request to CSEP Permissions c/o info@csep.ca and include the following information:

  • Full name and address of the author and publisher

  • Title of your publication (book, article, website, other)

  • Estimated publication date and cost

  • Title of the CSEP work you wish to reproduce and example of how it will appear in your publication

Permission requests are subject to a fee of $50 per item for print rights and $150 per item for electronic rights (plus applicable taxes) payable by cheque or major credit card. Permission to reproduce a work in computer software, upon approval, is subject to a CSEP Licensing Agreement and licensing fees.

For information regarding usage and distribution of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth, please click here.